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Our suite of companies and services are comprised of top quality talent, technology and experience. Our industry is direct response digital marketing and our people have built reputations by consistently delivering revenue and results.

With a global client reach, where every click counts, we operate in a round­the­clock environment possessing over 100 collective years of industry experience.





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We have developed a suite of mission critical services and companies
that work al au carte or in conjunction with each other. We tackle the
finical technological demands of this hyper responsive environment.

01Offer Funding

Try­-before-­you-­buy is a tested and greatly accepted way to acquire customers. It allows the customer the chance to try a product, or a company, before they fully commit to a long­term buying relationship. Advertisers confident enough in their products to stomach the risk of providing product before realizing revenue, run into a host of unique challenges. Done correctly and responsibly, the long­term benefits of trial offer campaigns make for an excellent business. The most critical instrument in scaling a campaign that that has the right market opportunity, is reliable cash flow. RMG provides financing support options to select advertisers that extend paybacks up to the second rebill.

02Media Financing

As a performance marketer, you're looking to get paid quickly, reliably and from the highest converting offers. We work with A variety of affiliate traffic sources, established networks and direct offers. We create a secure financing environment that allows you to scale you're winning ads without media spend cost holding you back. We are extremely selective and only support highvolume affiliates with proven backgrounds of media buying

03Ad Spend Management

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Response CRM

responseCRM is a direct marketing automation system that enables advertisers to scale product offerings with the most flexible billing, tracking and analytics features in the industry. Integrated simplicity and scalability that is both powerful and intuitive. Our Direct Response Marketing Software is easily customizable to your needs. ResponseCRM is built to generate revenue, maximize your ROI and take your enterprise to the next level.

05Offer Rotator

Media buyers use a careful blend of art and science to develop and deploy winning ads. Often times catching a trend that is here today and gone later today. Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, is more agonizing to a performance media buyer then creating a winning ad/jump page combination only to have sub par offers EPCs evaporate their ROI. RMG's offer rotator is a flexible redirect that swaps out dynamic content based upon EPC or other pre set factors.

06Chargeback System

OEMs license RMG's chargeback management system, which easily plugs into industry leading payment gateways and external CRMs. For $1/chargeback, a single person can easily manage 300+ chargebacks per day by entering in 4­6 pieces of data about the disputed transaction into the chargeback system and a 6­8 page dispute is sent directly to the processor
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